Travel inspiration

Opening a travel café was really just a way to keep the dream of travel alive as travel is our passion, our hobby and our business.

To travel is to collect memories and experiences that will last a lifetime and give you stories to share.


Great Groups

Travelling with like minded people in the safety of a small group but with the flexibility to do as you please, is the best way to travel especially in a post pandemic world!

Italy - Eat Drink Travel

Each year I escort a small group of travel lovers to my favourite country to explore the beautiful scenery, to eat in some of the hidden gems and to taste wines from small local producers you may have never heard of. I share my secret places and always love to inspire your travel bug and create lasting memories for a lifetime.

In 2022 we plan to take you to the South Of Italy, Amalfi coast, Naples and Capri. Let's go and find hidden gems and hidden tastes on this delicious journey!

UK- Eat Drink travel

As a Brit by birth I love to show people around my country and surprise them with how great the food is. Come on a journey of discovery with me as we visit the Cotswolds, bath (Bridgerton) Windsor Castle, and of course the stunning English Villages. Eat, drink and be merry all the way!

Travel is about finding those off the beaten path places you wont find in guidebooks and we will take you there.

How we designed our house blend coffee

Travelling with Celebrity Chef Massimo Capra has certainly been some of our best memory creating trips. So far we have sailed the Danube, sailed the Mekong and the Irrawaddy. Visited villages in Myanmar, cooked on board the cruise in Regensberg and hunted for specialty food items for the daily gifts for guests in the local markets. Foodies Unite- you will love these unique tours.