The Pandemic hit travel hard

Backtrack to 2019 and travel entrepreneur and Travel Expert on Cityline TV Lorraine Simpson was on target for a fantastic year. Her brand was growing leaps and bounds and she had a full time staff of five and bookings in the millions. Lorraine had groups that she would lead including one to see Andrea Bocelli in concert at his Villa in Tuscany and foodie trips with Food Network Chef Massimo Capra and everything came screeching to a dramatic halt.

Simpson had taken possession of a beautiful new retail prime space in Fonthill Ontario and was set to open on April 1st 2020 but as we all know COVID 19 put paid to this.


but never out!

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"I am as fussy about my coffee as I am about travel"

Where ever she is in the world Lorraine starts her day with a great cup of coffee. "Whether I brew it myself, order at breakfast in the hotel I’m in, or buy from a local coffee shop I want my coffee to be sourced fairly, to be responsibly roasted and taste delicious" she says.

Lorraine would typically fly over 250,000 kms a year and her favourite souvenir was always freshly roasted coffee but In 2020 the world shut down and her coffee brewing game at home was put to the test and without travel she found she had to source her own. The complexity of coffee drinking can be compared to wine.

Much like a Chardonnay grown in France’s coolest wine region will be different to one from hot climate California, coffee is also shaped by its environment and how it’s produced. This results in a massive range of styles, making coffee tasting (or ‘cupping’) just as important to coffee experts as wine tasting is in our world.

Coffee growers can make as little as $2 a day and Lorraine is determined to make sure that the farms her coffee is sourced from are fairly compensated for their production helping them and the local community. many large coffee companies who sell cheap coffee hurt the small local farmers who can not compete. You can rest assured with us this is 100% not the case. We care about the people we buy from and want to support them.

TV Show Launch

Lorraine has recently launched her own TV show, What’s On Your Post Pandemic Bucket List?

Travel will be different so using the "Covid Loan" she travelled around Canada to showcase our beautiful country as well as talking to travel people from all over the world remotely.